Villa Benedeta

Villa Benedeta is a private house of family Kolumbić from Hvar, originates from the 19th century. The house have been completely rebuilt and renovated in last few years and now it is equipped and adapted to all the modern requirements and standards. Villa Benedeta is situated just 20 meters from the beautiful pebble beach.The car parking is located approximately 300 meters from the house and from there leads a little path through the fragrant vegetation of Hvar, with a magnificant view to the beach.Villa Benedeta - Dubovica, island HvarVilla Benedeta, DubovicaVilla Benedeta - wine cellarVilla Benedeta - island Hvar, DubovicaIf you decide to spend your vacation in Villa Benedeta, you will certainly enjoy modern apartments and wonderful ambience of Dubovica bay. Family Kolumbić cherishes tradition of viticulture so you can enjoy the wines from a private wine cellar. Welcome to Villa Benedeta!